Why Outsource Payroll?

Processing payroll is a critical and core part of your business. With changing regulations and control procedures, many companies are spending unnecessary time and money in this area.
A simple outsourced payroll solution from Orb Limited is an efficient and cost-effective way to pay your people. It will add value to your payroll processes and free you to focus on your core business, safe in the knowledge that your employees are being paid on time, all of the time. Orb offers monthly, bi-monthly, fortnightly, weekly and 4-weekly payroll services for companies of all sizes from one employee up!

The workplace pension’s law has changed. All companies are now required to automatically enrol their employees into a workplace pension scheme and make a minimum contribution towards it.

Who does it affect?

All companies must automatically enrol all employees who:

  • Are aged between 22 and state pension age.
  • Work in the UK.
  • Have qualifying earnings above the earning trigger for automatic enrolment.
  • Earn over £9,440 a year.

Part-time workers who earn less that £9440 can ask to take part in the scheme, if an employee earns more than £5,564, their employer will be obliged to make a contribution. Employees under the age of 22, or over state pension age and still working, can also opt-in in the same way.


The minimum contribution will start at 2% of an employee’s gross earnings (of which at least 1% must be paid in by the employer). By October 2018 this minimum will have risen to 8%, made up of at least 3% from the company, up to 4% from the employee, and 1% tax relief.
Auto enrolment will be phased in over six years - Full contributions will have to be paid from 1 October 2018.

Whether you are a new employer, are opening up new offices or you are setting up a new company and running payrolls in any jurisdiction, Orb can assist with the Employer Registration Obligations with the various relevant Governmental Authorities.

If you require assistance, please send a message via our Contact Us page and we will contact you to discuss and assist further.

Orb can provide a large variety of reports ranging from standard payroll reports through to government reporting and reporting for accounts; Orb's in-house technical staff can create bespoke reports where the standard reporting may not meet your Companies requirements.

If your Company has specific reporting requirements, visit our Contact Us page and email our techincal advisors, who will call you to discuss your specific needs.

Real Time Information (RTI) is the biggest change made to the PAYE process. It is a new way of reporting and is designed to make PAYE submissions quick and easy.

From April 2013 all employers by law are required to submit their PAYE through RTI. This will mean that all companies, no matter how big or small, are to submit their RTI return every time employees are paid as part of payroll arrangements.

PAYE will still be processed in the same way but you will be required to submit the payroll information to HMRC on or before the day you pay each of your employees. You will need to do this using a Full Payment Submission (FPS). Our payroll software will generate the required reports and submit your payroll information to HMRC.

Where salary and government payments are concerned, it really doesn’t pay to make errors, Orb’s payment team have been providing payment solutions for Clients for over 12 years. Gradually, governments have started imposing penalties where monthly, quarterly and annual statutory payments/submissions have not met the required time frames.

Orb’s protocol for meeting these deadlines are well established, for further information, please visit our Contact Us page and one of our team will reach out to see what Orb can do for you.

Employees have a legal right to a written statement of earnings across the vast majority of jurisdictions. Whilst electronic payslips are now acceptable in most countries, there are still jurisdictions which state that an employee must receive a hard copy payslip. Orb are able to provide either option, whether you are a company wishing to move forward with the times, or if your payroll is held in one of those countries which paper payslips must be issued, Orb can ensure that your employee’s receive their payslips on time.

If you wish to discuss the pros and cons of paper slip vs. electronic slip, please leave a message via our Contact Us page and one of our team will contact you to discuss what’s suitable for your company and employees.

Orb handle starter and leaver processes in all jurisdictions that we operate in, whether it is via a government online portal or paper returns, Orb ensures that both new employees and leaving employees have the required documents and that all government deadlines are adhered to.

If you wish to find out more, please visit our Contact Us page and one of team will be in touch to see what Orb can do for you.

Standard Year End submission forms covered in all jurisdictions.

Have questions? Get in touch via our Contact Us page.

The Benefits


We ensure you are kept up to date with changes in payroll legislation.

Cost Control

With full visibility of your payroll costs you can plan, budget and control more effectively.

Cost Reduction

Save more through direct and indirect costs.

Peace of Mind

Your employees will be paid on time, all of the time, by fully qualified payroll professionals.


Full disaster recovery site and business continuity plans in place so you have peace of mind that your confidential payroll data is in safe hands.

Time Savings

Find more time and resources to focus on your core business.

Orb is able to operate in thirteen different jurisdictions, as well as a number of others via our in-country partners.

Check out our Jurisdictions page to find out area information and key dates.